Little Branch Red Bud Tree v2


Little Branch has released version 2 of the gorgeous Red Bud Tree for the new round of Boardwalk. With 100% mesh and detailed textures, you will not be disappointed with another amazing addition to your ever-growing Little Branch collection.

With a thick base that narrows as it gets closer to the delicate leaves that blow gently in the breeze, it truly has a realistic life-like appearance that makes you want to reach out and touch. There is a choice of four seasons to choose from including; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, making this a perfect all year round choice for your landscapes and gardens. Just click the tree for an easy to use pop up menu and make your choice.

The pack also includes 3 complimentary versions of Oakgrass. Land Impact ranges from 3 – 12 depending on the size you want to use, permissions are both Copy & Modify so can be adapted to suit your needs.

Find it here: Boardwalk

After the event, you will find the trees at our mainstore or market place store.

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