The Little Branch – The Fiddle Leaf Fig – Wanderlust Weekend, 50L


The Fiddle Leaf Fig is out now for Wanderlust Weekend, for 50L

Standing in a beautiful ornate pot, it will make a very decorative addition to both inside and outside your homes. Their huge fiddle-shaped leaves (hence the name) and the fact they can grow over six-feet tall mean they have maximum impact in any room.

It is 100% mesh, with beautifully detailed and realistic textures giving it a very life-like appearance. Land Impact ranges from 3LI – 4LI, but as permissions are copy & modify, you can adapt them to suit your decorating and gardening needs.

Wanderlust runs from April 18th to April 19th
TAXI to Little Branch

After the event, you can find the product at The Little Branch In-World Store or on MarketPlace

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