The following is the rules in place for Little Branch Bloggers.   Currently our application is closed and we are on invite only, keep checking back for our future Blogger Searches.

The Little Branch Blogger Rules

  • You must blog a minimum of 2 posts per month with items clearly seen, not hidden or blurred.
  • Only landscape pictures without Avatars will be accepted as your requirement posts and into the LB Flickr group. Other pictures you may do, that include LB items are acceptable on your blog, but will not be accepted as your requirements for the month.
  • Quality pictures, Unique style.
  • Logo of the Little branch must be visible within your blog
  • Flickr at least 40 favorites per picture and 400 views
  • You MUST have at least 500 followers on Flickr.
  • All Items must be credited clearly and correctly with both The Little Branch link and any event the item is currently in within the dates of the event period.
  • Tagging sharing, social media is highly recommended! Please tag both Cari/Little Branch and myself in Flickr and Facebook (if you use it), a list of my social network links is available in my profile pics 🙂 julieuk2012, that way I get to support your posts with likes, shares, comments etc too.