Little Branch Poppies Fatpack


The beautiful and colourful Little Branch Poppies Fatpack is available now for 70% off at our Mainstore.

A herbaceous plant with showy flowers, milky sap, and rounded seed capsules. The fatback comes with two versions included field and rounded and a choice of 5 colours to choose from including; Orange, Pink, Red, Violet and Yellow. There are also complimentary grass and prim hill included.

100% mesh with realistic textures, these flowers will complement your gardens and landscapes perfectly. Land Impact ranges on default between 7 and 15 but permission is copy and modify so they can be adjusted to suit your needs.

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Little Branch Poppies Flowers {Fatpack}




Poppies! There is something elegant and exotic about them. Between the silky petals, the deep green leaves and the rich aroma, poppies make any place magical and luxuriant. The Little Branch has created these whimsical flowers in four spectacular colors to help bring any landscape to enchanted life. Choose between buttery yellow, entrancing violet, cheerful monarch, or passionate fuchsia. Better yet – get all four and turn your world into a swirl of vibrant color.

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Little Branch Bouton d’or Flowers {FatPack}


As spring fades into the bloom of summer, why not fill your summer with blooms that will never fade? The Little Branch is here to paint your world with sweet little blossoms in a variety of brilliant colors. Whether you prefer the lush zen of the orange flowers, the sunny gold of the yellow petals, or the tranquil dusky twilight of the lavender ones, these flowers will dazzle your garden guests.

Since each color comes with both a flat and curved set (as well as being copy/mod), filling your landscape will be a breeze – (breeze not included)

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