Little Branch Elm Shrub


The beautiful Elm Shrub by Little Branch is available now at Equal10. With a small thin trunk and branches that lead to perfectly formed leaves with detailed textures and animated so moving gently as if blowing in the breeze, this gives a truly realistic and life-like appearance you can almost reach out and touch.

There are four seasons to choose from including; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter making this a perfect all year round choice for your gardens and landscapes, simply click the tree for an easy to use pop-up menu and make your choice.

100% mesh with a default Land Impact of just 5 but as permissions are both Copy & Modify you can adjust the shrub to suit your own needs. The pack also includes other complimentary landscaping items.

Find it here: Equal10

Coming Soon to our Mainstore and Marketplace Store.

Little Branch Birch Shrub


The gorgeous Birch Shrub by Little Branch is out now at Uber.

As large shrubs, these birches are intriguing and appealing in the landscape or garden, as people recognize them as a Birch, however, the interest is generated when they see how different their growth habit is than that of a tree, but rather one of a shrub or a bush.

They are 100% mesh with realistic animated textures and delicate foliage that moves gently in the breeze giving a life-like touch. You have a choice of four seasons to choose from including, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, these can be chosen via an easy to use pop up menu.

Land Impact is just 3 but as permissions are both Copy and Modify can be adapted to suit your landscaping and gardening needs. The pack also includes additional complimentary landscaping items.

Find it here: Uber

After the event, you will find the shrub at our Mainstore or Marketplace store.

Little Branch Moonflower Shade


LB_MoonFlowerShade{Animated} 1

The gorgeous Moonflower Shade by Little Branch is a vine-stem version of this beautiful garden plant, filled to the brim with tiny Flowers and can be purchased for 50% off at our Mainstore only for this week only.

Moonflower is a very Romantic plant! The large, trumpet-shape flowers unfurl in the evening and stay open until the sun rises. More than likely the reason why they’re called the Devil’s Trumpet!

Make your virtual world come to life with Little Branch today and add these stunning Flower accents to your collection. All 100% mesh the Flowers come in Lavender, white, pink, blue and yellow through a Menu. They have subtle wind movement, making them even more life-like.

Default Land Impact will vary between 3 and 18 depending on size, packaged size has a Land Impact of 9. The pack also includes Grasses and other complimentary Landscaping items. Permissions are Modify & Copy.

Find them at our Mainstore here.

Coming soon to our Marketplace store here.

Little Branch Oak Grass Fatpack

100% mesh Oak Grass fatpack that has a choice of 3 seasons including; Spring, Summer and Winter. The fatpack also includes other complimentary landscaping items.

This pack will make another perfect addition to your every growing Little Branch landscaping goodies and for a few days only, you can get it at a bargain price. Land Impact is just 2 and permissions are copy and modify.

Available here at our Mainstore andlater at our Marketplace store.

Little Branch Japanese Maple Shrub

The Japanese Maple Shrub otherwise known as Acer palmatum is a deciduous shrub often growing as an understory plant in shady woodlands. They are stunning smaller growing deciduous shrubs grown for their outstanding beauty and architectural splendor.

For those wanting to make an eye-catching focal point in any sized garden, Japanese Maples are an excellent choice. These stunning plants are native to Japan as the name implies and are also native to parts of Russia, China and Korea.

They come 100% original mesh with gently animated foliage and a choice of four seasons via an easy to use pop up menu, seasons include; Spring, Summer, Autumn and winter, making them an easy choice for your sim or land no matter the time of year. Land Impact varies between 2-5, and come with copy & modify permissions.

Coming soon to our Mainstore and Marketplace store.

Little Branch Hibiscus Shrub


With thick foliage and small delicate flowers, they are 100% mesh and come with detailed textures and a gentle animated wind movement giving them a very realistic appearance.

There is a choice of two seasons to choose from including; Spring and Winter, just touch the shrub for an easy to use pop up menu and make your choice.

These beautiful shrubs are an ideal choice for gardening and landscaping enthusiasts, the spring option bright and colourful would complement your homes perfectly.

Land Impact ranges from 2 to 7 however permissions are Copy & Modify so can be adapted to suit your needs. The box also includes complimentary Snakeweed.

Coming Soon to our Mainstore or Marketplace store.