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Little Branch Corn Cluster

Little Branch’s Corn Cluster. It’s 100% mesh with high detailed stems and leaves , special shape that’s looks good from all angles. bump maps and specular for 100% realistic view. Both copy and Mod so can be resized to suit your needs. Available on…

Little Branch Banana Plant

Bring a little bit of colour to your garden-scaping with the Little Branch Banana Tree! Fully meshed fruit and gorgeous foliage, our banana tree is designed with realistic textures and an absolute delight to have in your landscaping! 100% Original Mesh with a Land…


  50% OFF ALL POTTED PLANTS {FATPACK} at the Little Branch, this weekend only! Grab this one of a kind deal for your indoor and outdoor garden inspiration. They are 100% original mesh with Fatpack V2 in copy and modify permissions. This sale is…

Little Branch Junipers V1, V2

Each Juniper tree has a land impact of 3 and can be rescaled to fit your gardening/landscaping needs. 100% original mesh and gorgeous textures. Available in world at our main store location!

Little Branch Cactus V1, V2

For your landscaping pleasure, we present our new Cactus series, a uniquely crafted addition to your Little Branch collection. Great for moderate to dry climate environments or a boon to modern landscapes, our Cactus’ will add a distinct presence to your garden. Available in…

Little Branch Cattail {Cluster}

100% Mesh realistic Cattail, Copy-Mod. Highly detailed with realistic textures , special shape that’s looks good from all angles also from the top, no alpha blending. bump maps and specular for 100% realistic view. Available on Marketplace & Main Store

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