Little Branch Spring Blossoms


The pretty Spring blossom by Little Branch is a celebration of winter’s end, and a reminder that summer is just around the corner.

Pretty pink and white flowers burst into bloom, providing an early source of pollen and nectar for bees and other pollinators, before falling from their boughs like confetti.

They are 100% mesh with realistic textures and come animated with a choice of seasons via an easy to use menu.

It is both copy and mod so can be adapted to suit your landscaping needs.

Find it here: Marketplace

Little Branch Fall 2016 Photo Contest Winners!


We would like to congratulate the following contestants for their submissions!

1st place Indya & Leeaker ‘Go Back Home’ –
2nd place Awesome Fallen ‘Noah’s Ark’ –
3rd place Zhaoi –

Honorable Mentions include the following:

RockaBillySun Dethly

Alexia Gaelyth


Ayla Zhoy

Luna Rayvin

Unique Loon

Troy Nelson

Bella McKeenan

Anastasia Zulaman

Gabriella Brynn

Congratulations once again to everyone who participated!



50% OFF ALL POTTED PLANTS {FATPACK} at the Little Branch, this weekend only!

Grab this one of a kind deal for your indoor and outdoor garden inspiration. They are 100% original mesh with Fatpack V2 in copy and modify permissions. This sale is only at the main store near the front entrance! Have a terrific weekend and beautify your virtual world, today with the Little Branch!

Teleport to the Little Branch

Little Branch WildBirch V1, V2, Young {Seasons}


Little Branch presents their Birch collection with the WildBirch series in 3 versions, all 100% original mesh with copy and modify permissions.

Available in world at our main store location!

Little Branch Sassafras V3 {4 Seasons}


We have updated our beloved Sassafras tree! One of our more endearing trees, the Sassafras continues to delight all gardeners and landscapers alike.

The Sassafras v3 includes our easy texture change menu with 4 seasons with realistic textures, is 100% original mesh, copy/mod, and 8Li upon initial rez. Please note that land impact will change as you modify any of Little Branch products.

Little Branch New England V1, V2 {4 Seasons}


Happy to Share with you this release from Little Branch the New England v2 100% Mesh with 4 seasons menu, Copy-Mod version.

Available in world at our main store location!

*New England V1 also available in-world

Little Branch Long Pine V1 {4 Seasons}


Little Branch presents a unique addition to your landscaping portfolio! The Long Pine trees provide ample cover from on high and yet does not sacrifice any space below, making it an ideal tree for backgrounds, backdrops, and natural dividers in gardening.

Available in world at our main store location!

Little Branch Junipers V1, V2


Each Juniper tree has a land impact of 3 and can be rescaled to fit your gardening/landscaping needs. 100% original mesh and gorgeous textures.

Available in world at our main store location!

Little Branch Shingle Oak V2.1 {4 Seasons}


100% Mesh Shingle Oak Tree with season change menu Realistic Textures, enjoy you summer and get ready for autumn :))

Available in world at main store location!

Little Branch White Flowers V1 {Field}


What a wonderful way to cheer up a dreary hillside or wayward slope than with Little Branch’s White Flowers in Field version. These gorgeous petals and vibrant plants are 100% original mesh and come with copy and modify permissions.

Available in world at our main store location!

Little Branch Greenford V1, V2 {4 Seasons}


Another gorgeous set of full foliage trees for your growing nursery! The Greenford Trees are 100% original mesh with our easy to use seasons change menu and comes with copy and modify permissions.

Available in world at our main store location!

Little Branch Palmetto V1


For your summer sea-scaping, beautify that endless horizon with our Palmetto series, a must have for your collection of Little Branch products! Whether dreaming of an exotic locale or giving your garden an extra dose of summer themed canopies, our Palmetto trees will not disappoint! 100% Original mesh, copy/mod and realistic textures.

Available in world at Main Store

*Includes mesh boat, sand, dry grass

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