The Little Branch: Orange Tree Potted (4 Versions)


Orange Tree Potted by The Little Branch are a new release for Uber

These small-stature ornamental trees are popular for their fragrance and small fruits. There are 4 different shapes to choose from and each is situated in a beautiful planter. These are the perfect plants for your front porch or deck area to add a nice touch of softness and a splash of color.

These 100% original mesh creations are highly detailed with realistic textures and animated foliage resulting in a true, life-like appearance. Owner permissions allow Copy & Modify to ensure that each item can be adapted to suit your unique needs. Each has a land impact value of 5 Li.

Uber runs from March 25th to April 22nd
TAXI to Uber

After the event you will find the products at The Little Branch In-World Store or on MarketPlace

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