Little Branch Alocasia Plant


The beautiful Alocasia Plant by Little Branch is available now at Equal 10.

It comes in a full fatpack with a choice of colours to choose from including, green, lavender, pink & white.   The great thing about these plants you can also unlink them and just use the plants in your gardens as well as for decoration in the stone pots.  

They are 100% mesh, with detailed and realistic textures and have a Land Impact ranging from 1LI to 3LI depending if you use in or our of the pot, but as permissions are copy & modify, you can adapt them to suit your decorating and gardening needs.

Find them here: EQUAL10

Coming soon to our Mainstore & Marketplace stores.


Little Branch Croton Plant v1


Croton is an extensive flowering plant genus in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae.   Its bright colors draw the eye like a moth to a flame.
It is 100% mesh with realistic and detailed textures and would make a perfect addition to your gardens and landscapes.
There are also complimentary landscaping items included.  Land Impact is just 3, but as permissions are both copy & modify can be adapted to suit your needs.
Coming soon to our Mainstore and Marketplace.



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