The Little Branch – Lipstick Palm – Summerfest ’20

The Little Branch - Lipstick Palm - Summerfest 2020

The Lipstick Palm  will be released on June 20th at Summerfest ’20!

Cherished for its incredible color, the Lipstick Palm is a slow-growing tropical palm with a thin, bright green trunk adorned with white rings. The scarlet coloring contrasts beautifully with the foliage of the pinnate leaves which can get as long as 5 feet! It is an exquisite plant as a focal point, screen or hedge in tropical areas.

These 100% original mesh creations are highly detailed with realistic textures and animated foliage resulting in a true, life-like appearance. Owner permissions allow Copy & Modify to ensure that each item can be adapted to suit your unique needs. The item has a total land impact rating of 4 Li, which grows as the item is enlarged.

Summerfest runs from June 20th to July 12th
TAXI to Summerfest

After the event you will find the products at The Little Branch In-World Store or on MarketPlace

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