Little Branch Queen Palm v1.


For those of you who love Palm Trees then you won’t be disappointed in this gorgeous tree, it will make a perfect addition to your Little Branch Palm Tree collection.

They come with a long straight trunk, thick dense foliage, and gently animated leaves. This tree would look wonderful among your beaches and tropical landscapes.

Land Impact is 4 but as permissions are Copy & Modify they can be adapted to suit your needs.

Coming soon to our Mainstore and Marketplace.

Little Branch Sago Palm


The Sago Palm also known as the Cycas revoluta are one of those plants that look like a palm but is not a palm but a cycad. The plant produces cones and bears attractive, palm-like feathery foliage making it very similar looking to palms, and tree ferns.

It’s 100% mesh with detailed realistic textures, it has a short trunk that gives way to it’s animated feather like leaves and whilst it may not be a true Palm this plant will most definitely compliment your Beaches and tropical landscapes perfectly.

Land Impact is just 4 on rez but permissions are both copy & modify so you can adapt to suit your own needs.

Coming soon to our Mainstore and Marketplace.

Little Branch Tropical Palm


The sight of a palm tree can summon a tropical scene in one glance. Whether marking the site of a spring in a desert or clustering along a humid coastline, they tend to be an arresting and dominant visual component of their environment.

It comes animated with 100% mesh and realistic textures. With 3D views, this tree would compliment your beaches perfectly and with the subtle movement of it’s leaves it gives a totally life-like appearance.

The pack also includes some complimentary landscaping items. Land Impact is just 6 by default but as the trees come with Copy & Modify permissions you can adapt them to suit your needs.

Coming soon to our Mainstore.

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