The Little Branch – Water Lilies – Wanderlust Weekend, 50L

We are participating in this weekend’s Wanderlust with our Seasonal Water Lilies. Wanderlust Weekend is March 20 and 21st. The Water Lilies will be set to 50L, this weekend only.

Wanderlust Weekend is a weekly sales event that celebrates items that relate to all things magical, fairytale, fantasy, adventure, royal, whimsical, etc. Each store has an item out for 50Ls or less. Use their automatically updated HUD to teleport and shop at each store.

Water lilies are jewels of the aquatic world. Symbolic in both ancient and modern times, they are celebrated for their beauty and immortalized in art and religion. While most water lilies are grown outdoors, it is possible to grow these plants in containers indoors, so they are perfect for your interior decors as well! Water Lilies are equipped with a season change choice upon click. Items have Copy and Modify permissions!

TAXI to The Little Branch

Wanderlust Shopping Guide

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